NuvolaProject's NFTs

"The Storm" is an interactive NFTs project. Those NFTs will dynamically react to tweets with thunderbolts and light animations, everything happens in realtime.

Let's make tweets shine...

The cloud you see here constantly detects tweets with specific hashtags related to climate changes discussions.

Every thunderbolt is a tweet.

Everything happens in real time.

Cloud for a cause...

Take part in the change

The aim of this project is to raise awarness about ecological issues, like climate changesenvironmental abuses and the Agenda 2030 goals.

This NFT wants to be a symbol of participation in a community that cares about the future of this planet, and that wants to send a signal of change.

Each flash of this Cloud is a signal.

Become part of this community and make the difference.

10% of the revenues of this project will be donated to a nonprofit association that fights for rain forest protection.

This project is realised in partnership with RAINFOREST PARTNERSHIP

About NuvolaProject

NuvolaProject is an Italian art collective funded by the artists Gaia Riposati and Massimo Di Leo.

Their artistic production has been exhibited in Europe, USA, China.

They have recently started producing artistic NFTs by taking part in exhibitions in Hong Kong (2021), Rome (2022) and Sharjah – UAE (2022)

Artist, actress, performer, director, author. Works in cinema and television but mostly in theater. Brings her artistic performances on Italian and international stages and in spaces like the Louvre Museum in Paris or Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome and Biennial of Venice.

Digital artist, innovator, CEO and lecturer for University. He spent almost 30 years in IT. Took part to events and projects promoted by public cultural institutions to promote digital transformation, showcasing creative uses of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or digital art.

NFT smart contract and Blockchain wizardry created by

This is a real artwork...

This NFT is a derivative from a real physical art installation called Nuvola (Cloud).

This artwork has been exhibited in museums and art galleries in Italy since 2019.


How does it work?

This NFT consists of two parts: an HTML web app and an external server. The server constantly monitors the tweets looking for specific hashtags, when it identifies one, it sends a command to the HTML web app and this causes the cloud to flash.

This happens almost in real time, the cloud reacts in a few seconds after a tweet has been posted.

Will this last forever?

This artwork is strictly related to our project for the Agenda 2030 goals.

So we have decided to keep this unique NFT art masterpiece active and responsive *at least* until December 31st 2030.

After that the Cloud will continue to remain a pulsating glowing element, spreading its inner energy.

What is this cloud?

This cloud is an art project launched in 2019, first as a physical installation, a 2-meter long cloud-shaped device, exhibited in museums and art galleries in Italy.

The cloud is constantly listening on social channels to detect discussions on specific topics, reacting with animations of lights and colors and changing its behaviour according to the content of the message.

Is this a physical device?

Yes, this is a real device, this cloud exists in the physical world. It is made up of microcontrollers, sensors and rgb lights.

There is even a gallery with pictures from the real device.

How can I get a physical cloud?

Right now The Cloud is only an artwork, although we have already built smaller versions of The Cloud, as shown in the gallery.

Anyway, if this collection get succeed, we may consider to giveaway one or two of them.

In fact you may consider this project also like a crowdfunding.

Stay tuned to learn more about that…

What kind of topics is the cloud monitoring?

Right now the Cloud is monitoring messages and discussions related to climate change issues.

This is because the theme of this project is linked to sustainability, respect for the environment.

The cloud itself is a symbol linked to climatic and natural events but which we associate with the concept of Internet and therefore to the world wide interconnected communities.

How can I get one of these NFTs?

Just click on the Buy button at the bottom of this page.

How much does the NFT costs?

The price for this genesis collection is 0.222 ETH

How many clouds will be minted?

Again this is a genesis collection so it would be a limited edition, we will mint few clouds, 111

Buy it | 0.222 ETH

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